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Announcing our acquisition of AGRO Merchants Group, the 4th largest global temperature-controlled warehouse company and 3rd largest in Europe

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The Americold Foundation

Americold offers the most comprehensive temperature-controlled storage and distribution network available, supported by the most advanced technology, and with a singular focus on customer service. By partnering with Americold, you can pay more attention to your customers, exceeding their expectations, and growing your business.

For almost 120 years, Americold has been the leader in providing technology-based engineered solutions for the temperature-controlled supply chain industry. Our inspiration comes from you, the producers, retailers, and food service providers we partner with daily to bring your passion to market.

Our commitment is far reaching and full of purpose; we support everyone from local artisans to regional grocery stores, and from national food producers to international food and beverage organisations across Australia and New Zealand. At Americold, innovation never stops. It’s the foundation that helps ensure your success.

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“Welcome to Americold Australia and New Zealand. My team and I are here to support you and your business, and ensuring your satisfaction. Please enjoy our website and contact us if we can offer further assistance.”


Richard Winnall
Managing Director, International

Services For Food Producers Retailers and QSR Customers


Reverse Logistics/Store Returns

We can coordinate store-returned materials for your convenience.


Store products in a frozen state to prolong shelf life. Then take advantage of our tempering and date-coding activities to return product back to customer-specific temperature ranges with maximum possible use-by criteria.

Pick and Pack

We can pick eaches, cases, or layers so you can mix SKUs and maximise pallet utilisation. We can even load pallets in store-required order for ease of unpacking at the destination.


Australian & New Zealand Locations

Americold is one of the world’s largest owners and operators of temperature-controlled infrastructure. Americold owns and operates 249 temperature-controlled warehouses around the globe.

With over 226,000 pallet positions, our Australian and New Zealand facilities are an integral component of our global temperature-controlled supply chain network connecting food producers, processors, distributors, quick-serve restaurants and retailers to consumers.

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To contact Americold’s facilities in the Australia & New Zealand region, please visit our locations page for site telephone numbers by clicking the following link: Locations Page